I often portray imaginary beings and their 'worlds' as if I saw them through a magnifying glass. As one reviewer said, while discussing "The Eyes Have It", "Amiable slit-eyed creatures swim through the work, aware of each other's presence and yet not entirely comfortable". That, and a fluid environment in which the creatures 'float' (water, air, the night, or the unconscious) describe these pictures well.

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Price List

Sentinels of the Night
16 3/4" w. x 19" h. (50KB)
Gold On Grey
Gold on Grey
17" w. x 14" h. (21KB)
24" w. x 20 3/4" h. (33KB)
14 3/4" w. x 11 1/2" h. (35KB)
The Meeting
The Meeting(Sold)
31 1/2" w. x 21" h. (28KB)
The Eyes Have It
The Eyes Have It
18 3/4" w. x 14 3/4" h. (21 KB)
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