As a person interested in anthropology and nature, I find cities stimulating and comforting with their sense of many, many individuals, each hustling on their own paths, yet building shared routes and architecture, expressing their humanity and fragility.

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Price List
Two Men at Tim Horton's
Two Men at Tim Horton's
11 1/2" w. x 7" h. unframed (31KB)
St.Andrews Wharf
St. Andrews Wharf
11 3/4" w. x 9 1/2" h. unframed (35KB)
Lebanese Church
Lebanese Church (Sold)
14" w. x 16" h.(41KB)
Sexy Tree Collage
Slow Steel
19" w. x 15 3/4" h. (22KB)
The Pilot Swings
The Pilot Swings
12" w. x 9" h. unframed (36KB)
Quarter To Five
Quarter To Five
9" w. x 12" h. unframed (43KB)
Antidote (Sold)
24" w. x 20 1/2" h. (36KB)
Tantallon Castle
Tantallon Castle
24 1/2" w. x 20" h.(31KB)
The South End
The South End (Sold)
21" w. x 17" h. (44KB)
19" w. x 16" h. (20KB)
The Sugar Refinery
The Sugar Refinery
15 3/4" w. x 14 3/4" h.(22KB)
Crown Street
Crown Street (Sold)
18" w. x 15" h.(30KB)
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