Growing up in rural southern New Brunswick, I was conscious I was an outsider to the bustling, natural world of the woodlands. Each leaf and tree had its own entity, with its own rules and secrets. Yet they were all part of the same environment. As a Toronto resident, I am conscious of a similar world of ceaseless activity. Each person is an individual, bustling along his/her own path, with their own rules and secrets. Yet all of us are part of the same community.

My point of view has been likened to that of a microscope or magnifying glass. I often portray imaginary beings, and natural flora and rock formations in spatially layered isolation. These visual microcosms do not have apparent boundaries, they are (manifestly) different worlds; the beings are usually aware of each other, and intersect or not, as they will.

I am working on a series which has these themes in regard to trees and the legends various cultures have built around trees. The first show is called "Treebirth", being held April 13-18, 2008 at Cedar Ridge Creative Centre, 225 Confederation Street, Scarborough, which will give a taste of the larger show, "Treevolution" scheduled for 2009. You can see these pieces and more on my website http://www.theartofcollage.com